Music is truly “mood” cleansing!

The science behind CYMATICS is more complicated than I care to engage in at the moment, but matter vibrates at different frequencies, and apparently 528Hz is the magic number.  Per Dr. Leonard Howoritz this  frequency is fundamental to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” It’s the love frequency.

Did you ever wonder why certain colors make you feel a certain way? Why the colors blue and green are considered soothing and calming and recommended for bedrooms?  Well, they vibrate at frequencies that relieve tension and promote restful sleep.  While red and orange are stimulating and penetrate the deepest, moving us to activity.  Note to self: never try to sleep in a red room!

Vibrational frequencies are the reasons we are drawn to other people (not romantically but in general).  No one wants to be around a negative person.  Constant complaining.  The sky is falling kind of attitude.  Cleanse your mood with music.  Don’t be a Negative Nancy!  Sorry Nancy if you’re reading this.


  1. Great post. I have always known that there are frequencies and certain ones have appealed to me more than others, but I didn’t realize there was an actual, defined, magic frequency. How cool is that!

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