A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

mango and kiwi in hand_edited

Kiwi and Mango in my hands; Mango cleaning Kiwi

The saying above simply means be happy with what you have.  Stop and appreciate the positives instead of focusing on the negatives.

Science proves the repetition of thoughts and emotions in our brain creates lasting connections.  Those connections subconsciously drive our emotional well-being.  Just like a runner trains for a marathon or an Olympic athlete perfects competition form, our brains must be trained.  How you train it, is your choice!

Think positively!! 

P.S. I love my birds!


  1. Kiwi and Mango. What lovely names for such beautiful birds. The photograph is so sweet. You have got your hands full of love (birds). 😍💗

  2. Hi Kim,
    Positive thinking is where it’s at. Thank you for the encouragement and also for the invite to follow you here. I look forward to reading more here. 🙂

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