STAY by Catherine Ryan Hyde illustrates how minor decisions can have a life-altering impact. A recluse, two best friends, and one battle-scarred brother are united by a chance decision for a running path. This encounter will not save one life but three.

Written in first-person, Lucas gives a bird’s eye view of his relationship as a teenage boy with Zoe Dinsmore, the town recluse. His friendship with Zoe will heal his best friend, Conner, from a dark path and save his own brother from a life-crippling addiction. Zoe, too, faces her own demons and discovers healing is best in the company of others.

I enjoyed the relationship dynamics of the primary characters. At times, the story is a bit dry. Given the protagonist, though, it is entirely on par with how it should be told. Hyde does a marvelous job integrating personalities specific to each character. A withdrawn teenage boy. A defensive and snarky recluse. A drug-seeking ex-vet. All three merge together under the watchful eye of dependable Lucas, trying to make sense of his own world. Hyde validates one person can truly make a difference.

Those readers who need healing should give STAY a chance. I can’t promise miracles, but it always helps to know that you’re not alone.

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