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The Last Letter from Juliet by Melanie Hudson

After the loss of her husband, Katherine’s life is at a standstill. An invitation to visit her uncle for Christmas to solve an apostrophe conflict will force her from her solitude of grief. When he’s called away unexpectedly, Katherine immerses herself into a journal belonging to Juliet Caron, the previous owner of her holiday cottage.

Juliet, a Spitfire girl, served as a pilot during World War II. Prevented from flying in actual battle because of her gender, however, she and her two companions transport aircraft across the war zone. Her pre-arranged marriage with her best-friends brother tailspins after a chance encounter with an intriguing stranger. Confronted with wartime danger, Juliet will face the ultimate conflict in matters of the heart.

Juliet’s tale is the catalyst Katherine needs to propel her stagnate life once more into motion. With ‘coddiwompling’ her new motto, the perfect rainbow to Katherine’s gray skies emerges.

Enough cannot be said about this beautiful story. At its heart is a tale of enduring love. The chapters alternate between viewpoints. As Katherine reads the story of Juliet’s life, Hudson does a marvelous job transporting the reader back in time. A clear delineation of perspective speaks to Hudson’s craft of storytelling. If you are seeking a novel about love and nostalgia, this is a must-read!

**Click the link to learn about the real Spitfire women of WWII**

The Spitfire Women of WWII

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  1. Fabulous book..highly reccomend. Tearful at times so keep tissues handy..but so lovely!

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