I refuse to accept the theory people are either left-brained dominant or right-brained dominant, proving the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere can co-exist in harmony. I am a pharmacist with a love of writing, preferably historical in nature. History fascinates me. The emotions, the journeys, the very nature of human beings in a time when the luxuries of life (i.e. electricity, running water, grocery stores, etc.) were non-existent. When life and death consequences resulted from each choice an individual made. Whether it consisted of traveling through the untamed wilderness (no GPS to guide them), crossing an ocean to a new land (no cruise line ships with SOS capacity), or venturing blindly into a new life with no promises it would yield return. Would I have had the intestinal fortitude to accomplish such feats?

History is an exciting journey. It’s all about perception! Live it with emotion, not facts. Appreciate it for what it truly is, a compilation of human experience. For a writer, there is no better reference for inspiration!

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